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2019 Team Workouts


For Time:
480 ft. Sled Push
8 x 120 ft. Shuttle Runs

(6 minute time cap)

  • Notes/Standards:
    Buy-in will begin with loading the sled, located on the opposite side of the field, as a team
    1 person pushes sled at a time, switch anytime
    Each shuttle run is completed by 1 person before a switch
    The work does not have to be divided evenly

    SLED WEIGHTS (including the sled):
    RX Men: 235lb
    RX Women: 180lb
    RX CoEd: 205lb
    Scaled Men: 205lb
    Scaled Women: 150lb
    Scaled CoEd: 180lb


Score = total weight (lbs) combined from each athlete’s heaviest lift

  • Notes/Standards:
    Bars will be taken from a rack
    Each athlete has 3 minutes to establish heaviest lift

    12 minute total, no transition between athletes
    Lift begins on the shoulders (front), and is complete when bar is locked out overhead - feet, hips, shoulders, wrists are all in line, elbows locked out

    All athletes may assist in loading bars and bringing back to the rack when dropped
    Any style of shoulder to overhead lift may be used

Mountains to Sea II

2 rounds for reps/1 minute at each station:
station 1: ski (for calories)
station 2: DB front squats
station 3: row (for calories)
station 4: sandbag hold

Score = total reps & calories combined

  • Notes/Standards:
    1 athlete will be working at each station for 1 minute
    Athletes will rotate in order each minute, completing 2 total rounds

    Sandbag must be held above the waist, no resting on the legs
    10 rep penalty for each drop of the sandbag during each 1 minute interval

    DB Squats are done with 2 Dumbbells in the front rack
    RX DBs: 50/35, Scaled & Masters DBs: 35/20
    RX Male Sandbags: 135lb
    RX Female/Coed Sandbags: 95lb
    Scaled/Masters Male Sandbag: 95lb
    Scaled/Masters Coed and Female Sandbag: 55lb

For Time (16 minute cap)
100 Power Cleans
30 Synchronized Burpees to a Plate
100 Toes to Bar (RX)
30 Synchronized Burpees to a Plate
100 Deadlifts
30 Synchronized Burpees to a Plate
100 Chest to Bar Pull-ups (RX)

  • Notes/Standards:
    Scaled/Masters will replace toes to bar with toes to waist (toes must pass the plane of the hips)
    Scaled/Masters will replace chest to bar pull-ups with standard chin-over-the-bar pull-ups
    1 Athlete works at a time on all movements EXCEPT burpees
    Burpees are completed by 2 athletes, synchronized (2 athletes doing 1 burpee counts as 1 rep)
    Burpees are done to a plate: RX must jump, Scaled/Masters have the option to step
    Coed teams have 2 barbells, Same-sex teams have 1 barbell
    Athletes are responsible for adding deadlift load to the bar
    Athletes may switch off, in any order, at any time
    Power Clean Weights: RX: 155/105, Scaled/Masters: 95/65
    Deadlift Weights: RX: 245/155, Scaled/Masters 165/115


Click to view each workout for video demonstrations, scaled options and weights.