WOD 3: Cornerstone Crusher

9 minute AMRAP
Buy In: 40 BruteBalls over the shoulder (one person works at a time)

Then Max reps of Wallballs and Double unders with a separate score for each. (2 athletes are working)

While 2 athletes are working on the Wallballs and Double Unders 1 athlete is resting and 1 athlete is holding the BruteBall.

The BruteBall can NOT be held on the shoulder. It MUST be held in a bear hug position. There will be a 10 rep penalty for both scores every time the sandbag hits the ground.

Athletes may switch who is working where anytime during the workout.


RX: 135lb/95lb
Scaled: 95lb/55lb
Masters: 95/55lb
Co-Ed RX: 95
Co-Ed Scaled: 55lb

RX: 20lb/14lb - 10ft target for both Female and Male teams
Scaled: 14lb/10lb - 10ft/9ft target
Masters: 14lb/10lb - 10ft/9ft target
Co-Ed RX: 20lb to a 10ft target for men and 9ft target for women
Co-Ed Scaled: 14lb to a 10ft target for men and 9ft target for women

Double Unders:
Scaled and Masters teams are able to do single unders. It will be a 2:1 ratio and you must stick with it. So if one person is doing single unders everyone must do them, there will be NO going back and forth.

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